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Second test-tube goat born in Mathura
Sep 12, 2006, 7:39pm

Second test-tube goat born in Mathura

Mathura, Aug. 19 (PTI): The Central Institute of Goats here today claimed it has successfully produced the country's second test tube goat.

Weighing 3.15 kg, the vitro-fertilised goat was delivered normally on August 17 and both the mother and kid are healthy, Institute Director, N P Singh, told reporters here.

The institute did not publicise its "rare feat" for over 40 hours as it wanted to ensure the survival of the new kid, he said. This was the first test tube goat produced by the institute.

Four scientists - S D Kharche, A K Goel, S K Jindal and N K Sinha - worked on the project and their names would be recommended to the government for due recognition, he said.

The kid was born to a goat of non-descript breed and was produced from oocytes collected from ovaries brought from an Agra abattoir.

The oocytes were initially cultured in the laboratory in a conducive environment to pave the way for fertilisation using sperms of a Sirohi buck of the institute.

The embryos were then allowed to grow for a few days in the laboratory up to the eight-cell stage and then transferred to a surrogate mother goat through a surgical device.

The embryos were cultured further for vitro-fertilisation, Singh said.

Expressing hope that the technique would become a pace-setter in improvement and conservation of goat breeds, he said, "it opens a new scope for goat farming and will be a boon for farmers."

It also opens the gate for more goat milk, virtually a medicine for new-born human babies, patients and the old, Singh said.


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