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* Approximately 150 favorite recipes submitted by GoatsUK list members

* Messages of support from our Sponsors and members

* Adverts offering a range of goods and services

* Beautifully illustrated, with pencil drawings of goats


GoatsUK is an email list started by Christine Ball.  It has grown quickly  and now has members from around the world.  Cooking became a topic of discussion, and list members decided that a GoatsUK cookbook would be a great project!  So, with the contributions of many, and the coordinated efforts of Christine, Lilian Scobie and Peter Vincent, the cookbook came to life! 

Thanks to all for your help, support and assistance in this venture. Lets hope that this first fundraising effort by GUK is a real winner. Its success will be wholly dependent upon how many books we can sell, so buy yours today!

To Join the GOATSUK list, contact Christine Ball

Proceeds from the sale of the books will be going to various charity organizations that can benefit goats.  The first one chosen was the support of two goats, Binx and Daisy, who are at the Mossburn Animal Centre located near Lockerbie Scotland.  It is a registered charity and currently has 13 goats.    Here are the stated goals of the Center:

  •  To enhance the lives of people and animals
  •  To provide a safe and secure environment for unwanted and neglected, misused and abused animals.
  •  To provide practical support.
  •  To provide information and advice.
  •  To provide a safe, calm and clean working environment for disadvantaged young people to benefit from handling and working with animals.
  •  To educate people, particularly children about sound animal care and management.

Visit their website for more information about the Center and Binx and Daisy.  Juanita Wilson will be glad to answer your questions.  You can also directly sponsor any of the animals there!



In line with geographic diversity of the GoatsUK list, we have several locations for coordinating sales of the books.

For UK orders:

  • Send an email to Peter Vincent at bourneheadfarm@btinternet.com indicating the number of books you want
  • Confirm in writing your order and, really important, please enclose your payment in GBP for the book(s) and shipping.
  • Price is 3 per book and 1 for shipping
  • We do have a few of the Limited Edition version which has some additional color headings - 5 + 1 for shipping

Send to:

Bourne Head Farm,
Meshaw, South Molton
Devon EX36 4NL, England


Many members of the Goats UK list are from the U.S., so it was decided that the proceeds from books sold to US residents would go to a fund to be used for U.S. causes.  So, we are collecting the funds, and will disperse them as decided by the group later.


For U.S. orders:

Contact Linda Campbell at Linda@Khimairafarm.com

  • Indicate how many copies you want, and Linda will provide the shipping cost information.

  • Price is $12.00 plus shipping.


Send to:

2974 Stonyman Road
Luray VA  22835

PayPal payments can be made to:  Payment@khimairafarm.com

PLEASE make sure your clearly mark your checks or payments
as Goats UK Cookbook so that your payment will be properly credited.

For OZ orders:

Contact Julie Bristow at bristow@iprimus.com.au

  • Indicate how many copies you want, and Julie will provide the shipping cost information.

  • Price is    per copy and  for shipping