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Color Descriptions

Color Description Summary
By Linda Campbell
Oct 27, 2002, 9:13pm

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Here is a summary that I had included in a book I wrote years ago (The Whole Goat Catalog).

Makes for some creative descriptions!

White: also off-white, ivory

Silver: a lustrous grayish white or whitish gray, color of metallic silver

Cream: yellowish white, light tint of yellow or buff

Lemon: clear, light yellow

Golden: also gold

Wheaten: fawn or pale yellow

Apricot: pinkish yellow or yellowish pink

Mustard: yellowish brown

Biscuit: pale brown

Fawn: light yellowish brown

Fallow: pale yellow, light brown

Beige: very light brown, light gray with brownish tinge

Tan: light brown

Buff: yellowish brown of medium to dark tan

Tawny: dark yellowish or dull yellowish brown

Bronze: a metallic brownish color



Sandy: yellowish red

Copper: metallic reddish-brown

Sorrel: light reddish brown

Bay: reddish brown


Rust Red: reddish yellow; reddish brown

Ruby Red: deep red; carmine

Mahogany: reddish brown

Liver: dark reddish brown

Chocolate: dark brown

Dark Brown

Coffee brown

Dun: dull, grayish brown

Light Gray

Mouse: dark brownish gray

Gray: color of ash

Grizzle: gray, devoid of hue

Iron gray: silver-white metallic gray

Slate gray: a dull dark bluish gray

Blue: dark gray

Sable: dark brown, almost black

Black: ebony

1. Unicolor: any pure color

2. Bicolor: any two colors

3. Tricolor: any three colors

4. Particolor: many colors

Mixed colors and/or patterns

Salt& Pepper: white brown and black hairs intermingled

Belton: colored and white hairs intermingled

Brindle: gray or tawny with darker streaks or spots

Ticked: colored hairs intermingled with white hairs on those portions of the body that would otherwise be white

Roan: black, sorrel, chestnut or bay sprinkled with gray or white

Mottled: blotches of different colors or spotted

Calico: spotted, piebald blotches of different colors

Piebald: parti-colored - patches of black and white or other colors

Skewbald: patches of different colors, especially of white and brown or red

Harlequin: checkerboard pattern

Agouti: an irregularly barred pattern on coat

Dappled: having spots of different colors or shades

Speckled: small spots

Frosted: resembling frost: white or gray

Marbled: variegated or mottled in a wide range of colors


Mask, cap, collar, belt, crown, stocking, dorsal stripe, facial stripes (run all the way to nose), eyestripes (just short ones around eyes), boots, socks, snip (usually just a small line on nose), blaze (full white mark from crown to muzzle), trim, spots, splashes, belt (full belt will "connect", partial belt does not).

Adjectives for describing colors:

Light, pale, pallid, dull, sandy, medium, ruddy, blush, dark, rich, intense, vivid, bright, jet, deep, pure, solid, dominant,even and clear

Now, is that enough to confuse you?!

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