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Protient promotes goat protein for energy and satiety
By Clarisse Douaud
Sep 12, 2006, 6:58pm

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Protient is launching a goat milk protein concentrate for the sports nutrition and weight loss industries, following demand from formulators for rapidly absorbed, less allergenic protein.

Protein that is more easily absorbed, such as that found in goat's milk, is critical for sports nutrition and weight loss products in order to satisfy energy and satiety needs. Protient's CaproAmino 5189, set for launch in August, is an 80 percent goat's milk protein concentrate powder containing naturally occurring whey and casein.

The potential for goat protein and its advantages remains virtually untapped in the US, where goat's milk products are a specialized market. It is claimed that more people worldwide, particularly in the developing world, consume goat's milk and its derivatives than those from any other animal.

The advantage of goat's milk over cow's milk is that it is more easily absorbed into the system because goat's milk contains smaller protein molecules, closer in size and composition to human milk.

It also contains only trace amounts of the allergenic protein alpha-S1, found in greater quantities in cow's milk.

CaproAmino contains as much of the whey protein betalactoglobulin as bovine milk concentrates. Betalactoglobulin is the whey protein with the most branched chain amino acids, which prevent breakdown of muscle during exercise and therefore are especially sought after in sports nutrition.

CaproAmino's overall protein content is made up of 71 percent caseins, 22 percent whey proteins (including betalactoglobulin) and 7 percent nitrogen.

Protient's product is three to four times more expensive than milk protein concentrates, said Protient senior sales manager Benoit Turpin.

Even though the company began developing CaproAmino as a result of client suggestions, it still expects the market for this product will remain niche for the time being.

“We are trying to branch out our protein base,” Protient manager of applications Shannon Koski told NutraIngredients-USA.com. “We're looking to make more high-value products that are specialized.”

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based nutritional protein supplier claims to be uniquely placed in the industry because it is focused on protein manufacturing alone, and has a variety of sources within this category. Before adding CaproAmino to the roster, Protient focused mainly on manufacturing milk, whey and soy proteins.

For the short term, Protient is gearing their new product to the nutrition and supplement industries, but in the long term will look to branch out to various food industries, said Turpin.

Turpin said the company is also looking to tap into demand for organic ingredients, with an organic milk protein concentrate from cow's milk in development.

”This will also remain a niche market for Protient,” he said.


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